Why we have discontinued our Joggers :(


While we all know the feeling when things go out of stock is sad, we have unfortunately had to discontinue the sale of our Men's Joggers! 

This has happened because our manufacturers are currently unable to produce them for us. While of course this is a shame do not worry as we will be sourcing out a new manufacturer to make some awesome Health House Fitness Jogging Bottoms for our beloved customers and community members! 

While all of this is going on please do be patient and check our store for our product updates because our new products will go there. 


Try this 5 minute home workout to de-stress, burn some calories and keep your body active: 

  • 60s Air Punching - stand out with your feet shoulder width apart and breath in and then punch your left hand out in front of you, after that, switch it up to your right and exhale when your arm is fully extended, rinse and repeat
  • 30s Jogging on the spot
  • REST (20s)
  • 20 reps of Burpees
  • REST (20s)
  • 30s Star jumps
  • Split Lunge (split squat type) 6 reps on each leg

Do you want a killer Upper body blast? Try this '4 minute' workout! : 

  • 10 standard stance Press ups
  • Shoulder rotator cuff exercise - internal and external rotation with Dumbbells - 10 reps on both arms or 10 reps for each arm
  • 10 wide stance Press ups
  • 10 Narrow stance Press ups
  • Dumbbells or water bottle Bicep Curls - 15 reps