What does it take to become a Health House Fitness PT or Instructor?

At Health House Fitness we take our community members health, wellbeing and training very seriously! We want them to become the very best that they can be and we don't take any shortcuts or make excuses. 

That's why we have created courses to help you deliver excellent service to your clients and our community members - to help ensure that when you deliver a session to someone, that it is of the highest possible standard and that the client (and community members) RESULTS will be exponential! 

What subjects do our courses cover?

Our courses cover a broad range of areas that you otherwise would not think about when you were doing your Level 2 and Level 3 courses - which for the most part cover the bare bones of what should be deemed as acceptable within the health and fitness industry or within a Gym or Training Facility setting. 

It is therefore worth noting that our courses cover everything above the very minimum knowledge, expertise and understanding that Level 2 and Level 3 Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor courses cover. 

Our courses cover the following areas of expertise, in varying levels of depth dependant upon the level of qualification that you choose to undertake with us and they are as follows:

  • Origins of Weight Training
  • A history of "Gym style" training in Sports and Athletics
  • Principals behind basic human movements
  • Principals of Instructing, Teaching and Coaching
  • Fundamentals of corrective technique
  • Principals of corrective technique applied
  • How to monitor - the right way!

These areas are covered to varying degrees of depth based upon the learners current level of understanding and based on what they have previously done before. 

What courses are available to me?

We offer courses specifically tailored to the level of your previous qualification and skill set and understanding, so you won't need to worry about what qualifications you don't currently hold. The bare minimum requirement at present is that you currently hold at least a Level 2 Fitness Instructor or Fitness Training and Coaching (and similar variations).

As long as you hold a level 2 qualification or higher you can do the following courses with us:

  • Health House Fitness Approved in FITNESS INSTRUCTION Status (Level 2 Fitness Instructor certification required)
  • Health House Fitness Approved in PERSONAL TRAINING Status (Level 3 Personal Trainer certification required)
  • Health House Fitness Approved Master Trainer Status (Level 3 Personal Trainer certification + HHF Approved Status required)

COMMUNITY MEMBER COURSES: Courses and training for community members and trainers who want to increase their overall knowledge of training in the Gym

We also provide training courses for people who are not specifically necessarily looking for recognition as a personal trainer or fitness instructor, but for whom wish to train safely and effectively. These are generally short crash courses and generally last 1-2 hours. There are no qualification requirements for people to attend these courses and are available to the general public. They cover areas such as:

  • Safe lifting technique
  • How to navigate the gym safely with other members
  • How to perform compound movements and lifts
  • How to use Resistance machines correctly and safely