What is Health House Fitness?

Health house fitness is a registered UK trade mark. Currently health house fitness offers its users the chance to purchase elite and outstanding UK fashion wear from its online store in the UK only. Health House Fitness is an innovative and unique concept bringing the world of fitness and fashion together as one.

What is Health House Fitness about/what do they do?

Our brand wishes to revolutionize the way that fitness wear is seen. Our UK-based team deliver excellent fitness wear and fashion choices to your door, all at the click of a button. Ever since Health House Fitness owner Eren Oguz established the brand in 2018 it has been OUR mission, to deliver nothing but the highest quality fitness wear to our customers.
There is nowhere else on the internet or in the UK that we know of, where subscribers have such a say and influence over the way a company and organisation operates and delivers its products and services to its beloved subscribers.

Who are Health House Fitness?

Health house fitness are a UK-based company created in 2018 by its founder Mr Eren Oguz who had a vision to change the way people think of fitness clothing and fashion as an up and coming industry.
We are a dedicated team who are determined to deliver excellent quality clothing to our subscribers and to others alike. If you have an interest in fashion and fitness and health then we are here to support your needs with our excellent range of fitness clothing and clothing for other occasions of course. Our website has many different types of clothing which we are sure you will enjoy and will meet the needs of your hectic lifestyle, treat yourself, we are here to help.

What industry/sector/area do they work in?

Health House Fitness is a unique brand based predominantly in the UK. Our UK fitness wear is sold all over the world. With such high demand for comfortable clothing we believe that it is important for our subscribers and valued users to make the most of their time by feeling good every single day, that is why Health House Fitness is dedicated to helping those who want to look and feel good in their fashion style, we give you fitness wear that is stylish, fashionable and in some cases smart, so you can dress for all occasions.

Can you tell me about Health House Fitness and their history?

His dream was the people could have access to fitness fashion clothing that was easily accessible to anyone regardless of background race gender or financial status. He envisioned a brand of clothing that was all-inclusive and that did not discriminate against any particular individual. That is why he created Health House Fitness. With the vision to create an online shop that could deliver to its subscribers a solution to an ongoing demand for comfortable wear, which was suitable for fitness, health and fashion enthusiasts, not just for sporting activities but also, for everyday activities and a busy and hectic lifestyle, delivering comfort, support and style with clothing for different occasions.

When was health house fitness made? Where are you based?

Created in 2018 by its founder Mr Eren Oguz in a little town on the outskirts of Manchester, health house fitness was created as a vision to change the way people think of fitness clothing and fashion as an up and coming industry. Health house fitness has since delivered excellent quality fitness wear and fashion to its fans, users and subscribers.

What is on the Health House Fitness Facebook page?

Our Facebook page contains our latest product releases, photos from our latest shoots, access to our latest styles, news, up-and-coming events and other exciting things that are happening at health house fitness why not followers online to find out and stay updated with what is going on?

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What sort of products/services do Health House Fitness sell or deliver?
Health House Fitness delivers clothing all across the UK. We do this so that you don’t have to worry about shopping, going out, looking for different styles, having a huge shopping trolley to carry around with you or a baskets that takes up too much space, queuing at the checkouts or asking where things are. We feed this service to provide you with peace of mind and body. Health House Fitness also offers it users and subscribers opportunities to gain additional services and products all at the touch of a button.

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