Our Principles

Our Community Values

Thank you for taking the time to check out our community values! You know that it is people like YOU who are going to shape this community and make it the best place to be, to work on yourself!

Within this page is a personal message to you, delivered directly from our founder! So please do take a minute to read through them all and try to understand and resonate with the values we are about to discuss, because these values and belief systems are what will ultimately push you to become the person who you have always aspired to meet! 

"Hi, I'm Eren! When I started this community I had one clear goal in mind - to create a community where all the members have equally as much respect for others as they do have for themselves. They demonstrate it in the way that they talk to people, the things that they say and the actions that they take.

In my experience, doing things for other people isn't about doing things just to please other people, it is about giving back to yourself, reaping the seeds that you sow and leaving the world a better place for having had you there in it. 

I hope you don't feel like I am preaching to you! That is not what I am here to do. I am trying to bring your awareness to the fact that together we are capable of creating such a powerful and positive experience overall, one that is a shared one - void of isolation and loneliness. 

For us to create this positive and safe space, we do have to take action and make daily efforts to be good to those around us.
Our community guidelines are just that - a guide to help you navigate your way through our community and its core values with ease.

Believe me when I say that if you follow these values your life will dramatically change and improve!
In my 15 years of working out in and being part of various different gyms and community centres or facilities, I've seen a lot of people do things and behave in ways that completely contradict the reason that they become a member of these organisations to begin with! Some of the things people do defy belief!

Please take your time to read through the guidelines. Trust me, if you use and implement these principals in your day to day life you will be doing everyone a favour, not just yourself or me! Who knows what goodness could come of this? All I do know, is that it has helped me look myself in the mirror and be very comfortable in who I am and what I am on my path to become! I truly do believe that it can do the same for you!"


Let's talk about Gym etiquette 

This is one of the things that really separates the Health House Fitness community and it's 'to be' members, from people who are not a part of the community and who operate in a constant state of quite frankly obliviousness which (if we are being really honest) gets them nowhere in health and fitness or in life. 

Let's face some hard facts here and be real with each other, if you were to try and go to a destination that you had never been to before without a map and you needed someone to direct you, then you would probably ask someone in the area who (you would assume is local) to guide and direct you to the destination in which you wish to reach right? 

Now when you speak to said person, how would you treat them? Would you yell at them? Would you insult them? Would you mock them with your other piers, who also do not know the area and are as keen to get to the destination as you are? Would you try and intimidate them into telling you the information that you needed? How would you treat them?

The reality is that you would probably not do any of the things above and you would politely stop, say excuse me, can you direct me to... and say thank you when the person gives you the information you were looking for. 

This may seem like common sense for some and it may confuse you a bit in regards to why we are discussing this kind of scenario, but the reality is that in the Gym environment especially, sadly, there seem to be a few people who believe that they do not have to exercise courtesy or etiquette, the same way that they would if they did not know where they were going and needed help from a local.

Below is a bullet point list of some of the things that our community does NOT recommend as good gym etiquette. 

    • Using free weights and leaving them for someone else to clear up and put away
    • Putting free weights away in the wrong place (often somewhere else in the gym - incorrect locations)
    • Leaving rubbish or other obstructions on the floor
    • Sweating profusely and then failing to clean the seat of a machine you were using afterwards
    • Brushing past people that are lifting heavy objects or;
    • Walking very close to people when they are exercising or lifting free weights, especially on dumbbell exercises or even Olympic Weightlifting movements
    • Give people unsolicited advice - often based on the assumption that you (or said persons) are more knowledgeable, superior or more than
    • Staring at people while they are working out
    • Winding up or mocking other gym members
    • Making belittling comments on other gym members
    • Intimidating others
    • Hogging one piece or multiple pieces of gym equipment (for example taking 2 sets of dumbbells even though you are only using one) and not sharing with others when they politely request to join in or need to use them
    • Interrupting someone during an exercise set (for example if someone is doing a set of 8 reps during a workout and then someone goes in and tries to talk to them when they are on their 6th rep - even though they may have assumed they are done with the exercise)
    • Taking weights off a squat rack or a barbell when someone else is using it and then leaving them to put the weights back on
    • Making sexist or prude remarks about others (be it men, women or other genders)
    • Ignore, shun or dismiss other members when they chat to you - they might be trying to use equipment after you
    • Be unreasonable with other people in your behaviour towards others


Unfortunately all of the things that have been listed above are all things that ARE happening in gyms and fitness facilities on a regular and even daily basis. This is absolutely not what what we want within our community and more to the point it creates a lot of hostility within the gym environment for everyone inside of it. Even contributing to a society that does not put people at its core and encourages a shark like, fight or flight mentality that further pushes people away from the very reason that they decided to get involved in health and fitness to begin with, which was to improve themselves as human beings. 

So what are we supposed to  do if we workout in gyms and fitness centres? Well please check out a list of what we DO recommend as good gym etiquette. Believe us - if you put these principals into action you will really enjoy your workouts and being in the presence of the people around you. You will be AMAZED by the RESULTS that you achieve with this kind of mind set. 

Below is a bullet point list of some of the things that our community DOES recommend as good gym etiquette.

    • Putting free weights away in their correct place yourself after you have used them
    • Ensuring that walkways are clear and not leaving obstructions or rubbish on the floor that people can trip up on, keeping phones in appropriate locations where they can not be broken or trodden on by other members accidentally
    • Cleaning all equipment correctly after you have used it (maybe even sanitizing the equipment if necessary) 
    • When people are doing exercise give them plenty of space, do not be in a rush to "nip past them" or be right in front of them when they are right in the middle of a heavy lift or worse still, be in an area where you might be at risk of having weights dropped on you when people are maxing out (like in an Olympic Weightlifting setting - where people are lifting weights above head) - maybe dumbbells are flying around as people are failing their last rep and are maxing out; do the courteous thing and allow them to finish their set before you go to get your weights and be 100% certain they have finished, give them a minute if needed
    • If you watch someone lift or do something in admiration that is fine, but do not glare and stare - people look at each other all the time it is normal, but there is no need to glare or stare blatantly at someone, this behaviour is just intimidating - maybe try to smile or nod if you make eye contact with that person
    • Do chat with other members and be friendly, ask them why they do things with a certain technique and maybe who taught them to lift and exercise, if you believe their technique can be improved why not say "Hey I noticed you do things this way, have you thought about doing things this way?". Ultimately respect the other persons opinions, their right to choose whether or not they want to talk or listen to you and if they choose to try out any techniques you may choose to suggest. 
      For those of you who are new to the gym life luckily we have you covered with exercise technique on our youtube channel here ;)
      so check it out! :  @healthhousefitness
    • Be kind and compassionate to your fellow gym piers, if someone looks like they are struggling to get a weight off the rack because it is too high up for them ask them "would you like a hand?" and if they say "no" respect their decision. Think about how you would like to be treated by others when you are in the gym at all time and try and put that into action
    • Encourage other people when they are doing a big lift or training really hard, or maybe just say to them "hey that was awesome, good work" or something along those lines - there is no need to make it feel fake or cheesy. If they are having a low mood day and you can tell, reassure them that what they are doing is good and worthwhile, make them feel comfortable
    • Give people appropriate compliments not insults or negative gestures
    • Share the use of equipment and only take the equipment that you are using for your workout, when people ask to use it be prepared to compromise with them and allow them to use it when you are not doing a set for example, if there is only one squat rack and you both want to do squats then help each other get the weights on that you both need between each set, or failing that if that is not an option then be polite and let them know the soonest you can be done and grab them before someone else tries to jump on the rack
    • Do not interrupt people that might be right in the middle of a set or about to do a set or literally just finishing a set and they are visibly tired from it, relax, take a deep breath and let people breathe for a minute, then when you are completely sure they are done, walk in and politely say excuse me. Trust us a little bit of courtesy goes a long way.
    • Never take weights off a barbell that someone else is using and not offer to put the weights back on after they return from the toilet for example - instead admit your mistake and help them put the weights back to the load that they had on the bar before you stripped it down
    • Rather than make a sexist or prude remark about a person, why not silently try to notice something about that person that you find positive or inspiring - you could even share your thought with your piers. If you can't find something positive to say about another person then say nothing, there is no need, be neutral, you were not put on this earth to judge anyone but yourself.
    • Include other people in your workout, speak with people and listen to them, be friendly and communicate how you feel in a warm healthy, safe environment
    • Be reasonable with others, be firm and assertive, be loving and caring with the other people that use the gym or facilities around you, if someone makes you feel negatively TELL SOMEONE else, be a DE-ESCALATOR of situations, be like water don't react to situations or entertain unreasonable behaviour from other people