Why Choose Us?

So you are probably wondering about who we are and what we do? What makes us different from every other Fitness and Fashion oriented brand out there? 

Let's keep things simple for everyone we are:

  • A UK trademark
  • We sell fashion and fitness related products 
  • We promote ourselves through our products
  • We promote our brand by offering physical products and free services
  • People that purchase goods from us invest in our future as a brand and are the key to what we do - WE LOVE OUR SUPPORTERS AND WE ARE ETERNALLY GRATEFUL FOR HAVING YOU!!!
  • We sell clothes and other items in our online store
  • We provide optional FREE services with our high end products
  • We aspire to build fitness spaces and solutions for those who are passionate about - health, fitness, well-being, gyms and spa's
  • We are as much a service and entertainment provider as we are an e-commerce business
  • We believe in helping others and offering value to this world and our loyal followers


What we are not X :

  • Solely a fashion brand
  • Solely a gym brand
  • Solely an online clothing store
  • All about taking peoples hard earned cash for our own exploitation
  • We are not just a fitness brand
  • Dishonest about who we are or what we do


Let's be clear, we are a business and like any other business we run for profit. However, our business model runs on passion for the people and the followers that we serve! You probably are very used to the idea of entering your favourite stores, picking up an expensive piece of clothing that you worked so hard for, buying it and then leaving the store - semi-forgetting about why you went in to the store in the first place, but enjoying your product until you buy the next one and the cycle repeats. 

With Health House Fitness we completely challenge this motive and idea around fitness and fashion brands and gyms and fitness services that you commonly see today! We want to be a revolution where you can merge your 3 favourite things into one - Fitness - Fashion - A place to train - Welcome to the birth of Health House Fitness!

Question: When will I get to use my free gym membership if I buy one of your products? Where are these gyms?

Great question and one that we get frequently! The first step is to purchase one of our premium products here! The second step is one which you don't have to do yourself. Once you purchase one of our premium products a member of our team will be in contact with you (usually by your chosen method of contact if you have chosen one or not opted out) to discuss with you the options that are available in your area and take you trough the induction process. If you are in an area that we do not currently serve then our team will discuss with you what options there are for you and look at how we can best be of service to you and your lifestyle needs. We may refer you to pre-paid services if gym's are not an option. We are also looking at Health House Fitness Approved - Personal Trainers, some of the best we know of! If you purchase from an area we don't serve then don't feel too bummed out because we are here to serve you.

Why am I paying a high price for this clothing when I could just go somewhere else with cheaper prices?

It is the question that people understandably have to ask themselves every day and everywhere they go! Especially in this economic climate we are well aware of this and we believe that our prices reflect excellent value in line with our services and our ethos. When you think about luxury brands you usually only think of one thing, like an item of clothing or an individual service. You don't usually see these all rolled into one comprehensive item and service package. When you think of the cost and time and labor to our organisation we provide excellent value for money! We make life easier for our followers and our customers alike. That's because we are not just a run of the mill business, we care about excellent service to the people who support us and we in return support them! 

OK, I'm excited! How do I get involved? 

Simple, you can visit our store here and support us by purchasing your very own Health House Fitness product! 

Visit our store HERE